A doctor’s practice will require ongoing legal care

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No matter where and in what specialty they practice, most doctors in Texas probably tell their patients that they need to take ongoing steps in order to stay healthy. In other words, the path to better health is not just a one-step process.

Likewise, setting up a successful medical practice is not simply a matter of forming a professional association correctly and then signing the appropriate contracts between business partners, investors, lenders, employees and vendors.

While these are of course important and even critical first steps, a medical practice is going to need legal assistance in many different areas of the law as it grows and becomes better established.

Not attending to these matters can lead to litigation, regulatory issues and other costly and stressful legal problems.

Compliance is key for a medical practice

For example, most medical professionals are well-aware that medicine is a highly regulated field.

Rules and regulations from the federal and Texas governments have to be followed, especially when they relate to patient care and sanitation.

Environmental laws and workplace safety rules may also apply to medical practices, and these too have to be carefully observed.

Additionally, practices will need to follow several federal and state laws regarding the billing of Medicare and Medicaid, as well as other billing and collection laws. Without appropriate oversight, a medical office’s billing practices can lead to fines or other more serious penalties.

Medical practices need to be aware of human resources issues

In addition to following laws that are unique to the practice of medicine, practices can also face the same employment law issues as any other business.

In addition to drafting and enforcing effective employment contracts, the practice will also have to be sure to follow state and federal provisions designed to protect employees from discrimination and other unfair behavior.