Choosing the right health care law attorney is important

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Business Formations and Transactions, Health Care Law

As a health care professional, you spent decades of your life to get where you are now. And, when you face a legal challenge, you need a legal professional on your side to make sure all of your hard work is not wasted on a frivolous lawsuit.

Health care litigation only growing

In 2018 alone, the United States spent nearly $4 trillion on health care. In addition, to being one of the largest industries in America, it is also one of the most heavily regulated industries. With these built-in complexities at the hands of humans, it is no wonder that health care litigation is also an ever-growing issue for health care professionals. Indeed, just federal government lawsuits have claims in the billions every year.

The right solution for your legal problems

At Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC, we are a legal support network for health care professionals. Our firm practices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the Rio Grande Valley. And, we understand the unique challenges you face every day, especially in the ever-changing regulatory environment with local, state and federal laws constantly changing.

Setting up, merging or dissolving your practice

Our client lists include all types of health care providers and practice managers (physicians, nurses, hospitals, etc.). And, with our ever-growing firm, we can help with a variety of medical care business matters, like starting a new practice or professional association, drafting employment contracts (including, non-competes) and mergers and dissolutions of established medical practices and physician groups.

Issues that arise during your practice

Should issues arise during your practice, we may be able to help with those as well. This includes breaches of employment contracts and non-competes, in addition to breach and other claims against vendors, supplies and other service providers. And, we can even help with health care collections that includes federal billing and insurance payment issues.

Maintaining legal compliance

Our firm can also help keep law practices in compliance. This includes local, state and federal laws, like the Stark Act, Medicare, Anti-Kickback compliance and more. We can also keep medical practices in line with the Texas Medical Board’s rules and regulations, Medicare appeals and other health care provider matters.

At Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC, we are here to help our clients. Our job is keeping our clients in compliance and solving issues that come up in their day-to-day practices. We know that medical practice is only getting more complicated, so we take some of these issues off our clients’ plates.