Common mistakes when firing an employee

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Employment Law for Employers

There comes a time when all employment relationships must end. Sometimes the employee chooses to leave, but sometimes, you need to ask them to resign.

Firing someone is never an easy conversation, even if it is the right decision for your company. While the employee may have committed a serious infraction, it can be difficult to send an employee away.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes employers make when firing a staff member.

Skipping documentation

In the time leading up to firing an employee, it may seem obvious why you need to take action. Regardless of how clear the reason appears to you and the other team members, it is critical to document why you are firing an employee.

Keep in mind that if you are starting to see reasons early on that you may need to let an employee go, you should document the incident and have one or more formal conversations with the employee where you explain the problem and the potential consequences. The documentation you create may be critical if the employee claims unemployment or makes other accusations about your firing process.

Drawing out the discussion

There is a challenging balance when it is time to tell an employee that you are firing them. You have an important message to communicate, but you do not want to seem cold-hearted.

Having a firing discussion cannot seem like a negotiation where they could get to stay if they give a particular response. You need to be clear and firm about your decision. While you may want to include that you understand it is difficult to move on from your workplace, you should also talk to them about what caused you to reach your decision.

Employees are a critical part of your business, and it is essential to have a positive environment for your company and your team. You should talk to a skilled professional about the contracts you have in place to protect yourself and support your employees.