Helping You Monetize Your Receivables

A significant receivable item entered into your books is more than just a number. It is a nonperforming asset that may have to be written off with a corresponding hit to your profits.

At Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC in Arlington, Texas, we help businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex turn accounts receivable into cash. Our debt collection attorneys are experienced and highly knowledgeable concerning the law. Aggressive and vigilant, we work aggressively to recover the funds owed to our clients.

Prejudgment Remedies, Post-Judgment Remedies And Adversary Proceedings

In Texas, creditors have a number of collection options while a collection lawsuit is in progress. Our attorneys understand the potential of prejudgment collection strategies such as sequestration, attachment, garnishment, default judgments and motions for summary judgment. Once a judgment has been entered, we seek to recover funds through the most efficacious method such as execution, garnishment, turnover and judgment liens.

Our lawyers also vigorously defend creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings, including aggressive advocacy in adversary proceedings and motions to overcome the automatic stay.

Depending on circumstances, settlement may be the most attractive debt recovery option. We have creative solutions that may enable you to recover funds owed to you while preserving your business relationships with important customers.

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One of the biggest mistakes a creditor can make regarding its accounts receivable is to delay seeking legal advice. Every month that passes without action can reduce your ability to eventually recover the funds owed to you. When you retain Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your accounts receivable and develop an action plan designed to recover as much money as possible. We will then work diligently to recover what is owed to you.

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