Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

A dispute between the owners of a company can be very costly, both in real terms and in opportunity costs. With so much at stake, business owners and investors must take measures to protect their rights and interests.

Kaiser ♦ Sacco, PLLC, is a team of attorneys that vigorously represents shareholders, partners and angel investors in disputes concerning the governance and operation of businesses in Texas. We work diligently to achieve results for clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Disputes Between Company Owners

There are many potential sources of conflict between the owners of a company. For the purpose of illustration, let’s consider these scenarios concerning companies that are owned in their entirety by two shareholders or partners. As you can see, the potential for conflict is great:

Scenario 1 Shareholder A wants to invest profits to grow the business, but shareholder B wants to maximize the payout of dividends.

Scenario 2 Partner A works 70 hours a week, but partner B prefers to spend his time on the golf course.

Scenario 3 Both shareholder A and shareholder B are executives who are actively engaged in managing the company. Shareholder A suspects that shareholder B has appropriated corporate assets for himself.

In these scenarios, it may be possible for the shareholders or partners to work out a solution between themselves. However, it is more likely that any discussion will quickly degenerate into emotional hostility and mutual recriminations. In these situations, it may be advisable for the shareholders and partners to seek legal representation, the sooner the better.

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights And Interests

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