Protecting The Rights Of Beneficiaries And Heirs

Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC is a team of trial attorneys providing results-oriented representation in disputes involving wills, probate, trusts and guardianships. Experienced and aggressive, we work with determination to protect our clients’ rights and achieve their goals.

Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC serves clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Rio Grande Valley.

Providing Vigorous Representation In Estate Litigation

When advising and representing you, we will carefully review the factual and legal issues in your case, explain your options and provide guidance regarding the possible outcomes of your case. We will also discuss potential legal costs and other key factors relating to your case. Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC will then work diligently to achieve results for you.

We handle estate litigation cases involving:

Will contests — These disputes can arise when an interested party (usually a close relative) believes that a will is not valid due to inheritance fraud, the existence of multiple wills or some other factor. The key issues usually include the capacity of the testator or whether a party exercised undue influence in the creation of the will. When necessary, we can call upon handwriting experts, document specialists and mental health professionals who can provide evidence that supports the client’s case.

Probate disputes A personal representative (executor) of an estate has a fiduciary responsibility to conduct the probate process in an efficient, timely and honest manner. We handle cases involving alleged malfeasance on the part of personal representatives, squandering of estate assets and other issues.

Trust disputes The most common causes of trust litigation include malfeasance on the part of a trustee, excessive trust costs and insufficient payout of trust proceeds to beneficiaries. When representing a beneficiary or trustee, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and provide aggressive representation.

Contested guardianships — Key issues here usually involve the capacity or lack of capacity of the subject, who should be appointed as guardian and the guardian’s exercise of their fiduciary duties.

Effects Of Estate Litigation On Families

An estate dispute can lay bare long-buried emotions and resentments, tearing a family apart. At Kaiser Legal Solutions, PLLC we are cognizant of these potential effects as we develop legal strategies and tactics to use during the litigation process. While we never compromise when it comes to protecting our clients’ rights, we seek solutions that can lay the groundwork for eventual family reconciliation. Carefully preparing a case with the expectation that it will go to trial often places us in a position to obtain favorable results through negotiation or mediation. Solutions obtained in this manner can reduce legal costs and open the possibility of family reunification.

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