How can employers be proactive with employment law issues?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Employment Law for Employers

It is quite understandable if there are employers out there in Texas who view state and federal employment laws as “skewed” in favor of employees. There are, after all, many laws and regulations for most employers to comply with, including the ADA, FMLA, anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws and many more. With so many rules to worry about, how can employers in Texas be proactive about employment law issues?

Well, in many situations, it starts with developing the right policies and procedures for your unique workplace. Yes, there are many employment policies that may be applicable for employers across the board, but your workplace is different from all others – consider how that might impact your directions to employees and your expectations for them as well.

Training sessions can also be immensely helpful in avoiding situations that could lead to workplace-based lawsuits. For example, if your top-level executives, managers and supervisors receive training about discrimination and sexual harassment, that may help prevent conduct that could lead to friction and legal problems between management and other employees. Human resources training sessions, which discuss appropriate procedures for hiring and terminating employees, can be helpful as well.

Your workplace, your options

Ultimately, the proactive steps you need for your workplace depends on your goals and risk management concerns. At our law firm, we work with employers in Texas who want to take proactive steps to make sure they are complying with the various employment laws they may be subject to. For more information, please visit the employer’s employment law overview section of our law firm’s website.